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How to maintain your routine during lockdown

How to maintain your routine during lockdown

How to stay active during lockdown: 

1. Take short movement breaks throughout your day... do a sun salutation or a couple of push-ups between Zoom calls
2. Block off time in your calendar for workouts... did you always come to Pilates on Monday nights? Then set aside that same time slot for a home workout every week.
3. Bundle up and head out for a walk... you can probably circle the block in less time then you spend scrolling social media.
4. Use Strong Body On Demand to stick with your favourite studio classes...it's almost as good as being there in person! 

Over 300 videos and new ones released regularly... 

Sculpt: Total Body Connection II - 30min

Led by: Victoria
Equipment Required: heavy dumbbell or kettlebell, mat

All you need is your mat and one heavy dumbbell or kettlebell for this full-body strength building workout. You'll work your muscles from top to toe with exercises that combine multiple muscles groups for a challenging but efficient workout you'll love!

Good Morning Flow - 25min

Led by: Sam
Equipment Required

Get up and flow with this awakening yoga practice. Start your day with an energizing flow to give your body a jolt of energy. Start your morning with this practice to set good vibes for your whole day!

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