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Windsor Local Business Community (WLBC)

Serving Business Owners, Organization Managers & Professionals in Windsor & Essex County, Ontario Canada

Serving Business Owners, Organization Managers & Professionals
in Windsor & Essex County, Ontario Canada

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Our Mission Is To Help You Connect And Build Relationships

With Business Owners Throughout Windsor & Essex County

We feel that an online business community is an important component for building and growing our businesses and strengthening relationships. Windsor Local Business Community (WLBC) is a place where we can all help each other. Each one of us has wisdom, ideas and insights to share, interesting approaches, and best practices depending on your industry. It has become more and more difficult to meet personally, so meeting virtually can somewhat help fill this void. Important to note, this is NOT a Facebook Group, and can only be accessed by Members of Windsor Local.

Our Mission Is To Help You Connect And Build Relationships

"All things being equal, people will do business with and refer business to those people that they know, like and trust."

Our Goal

To have a private place where local business owners, organization managers and professionals can CONNECT. Make it easier for us to find what we need, share ideas and insights, give feedback, get inspired, access business training courses and get help working through our unique business issues. To help each other GROW their local business.


Here is a summary of the Spaces (containers of information & communication specific to one area) and Collections (groupings of Spaces for organization purposes). Collections are in the blue header, Spaces are below. Some Spaces you will visit once or infrequently and some Spaces you will spend most of your time.

Member CentralMember Connect
Unlimited Courses
Start HereDiscussions, Help & FeedbackBusiness Training Courses
How It Works *Local Pulse
Over 60 at Launch (Mar 2023)
Introduce Yourself
Pay It Forward Requests
Adding More Monthly
Looking For or Offering Solutions
Shorter No-fluff Courses

Generally 30 to 90 Minutes

Why Aren't We Using A Facebook (FB) Group for Our Private Community?

Although we do use a Facebook Group (which allows non-members) for general questions, we will not use it for our private Business Community. Advantages of our private community:

  • We can customize the structure for easy navigation and access to different resources.
  • Have a more secure platform where we actually OWN our data!
  • Free ourselves from lack of control, unpredictable rule changes and reduced engagement.
  • To avoid ads within our posts, which are rampant in FB, and avoid the noise and distractions inherent to FB.

Why Did We Create This Private Business Community?

  • To leverage the knowledge and experience of others for all Members.
  • Surround ourselves with other like-minded people and keep moving forward.
  • Nurture and help local business owners grow and expand their businesses.
  • Network and foster new relationships, which can lead to friendships and prosperous partnerships.
  • Allow access to business training courses to learn and find solutions to problems and unique business issues.
  • Find a safe place to ask questions, discuss ideas, share insights, get feedback and opinions on your offers or sales pitches - whatever you need - without fear of judgment or rejection. (P.S. since you must be a paying member of Windsor Local to access the WLBC, this will help keep out trolls and haters ).
  • Receive mentorship, motivation and inspiration.
  • Local referrals and recommendations are available in a specific Space to promote yourself, refer others, or search for a solution you are looking locally for.
  • This is also the Member's only place where we post announcements, post new videos, publish member events, and new content from Windsor Local is usually shared here first.
  • Find exclusive access to Member events and content.


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