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Who Is Windsor Local For?

1. Residents and Visitors in Windsor & Essex County

  • Help residents and visitors support local businesses, organizations and professionals.
  • Shift some purchasing away from the large global online stores (e.g. Amazon, etc.) and large national box retailers (e.g. Walmart, etc.) towards local goods and services providers.
  • Help build and sustain our local community.
  • See more at  Find > Local Businesses

2. Windsor & Essex County Local Businesses, Organizations and Professionals

  • Get more visibility and brand awareness to local residents trying to support local.
  • Amplify your online presence and gain more SEO benefits.
  • Ability to include several different Post Types, including Events, Products & Services, Coupons & Deals, Real Estate Listings, Job Listings, Classifieds, Photo Albums, Videos, Audio Posts and Community Articles (Blog).
  • Have one integrated place where you can promote your website, social media, reviews, your Post Types (see above line) and more - in one online local gathering place and community.
  • You can manage it on your own if you like, 24/7/365 by logging into the portal.
  • To see more, click here: "What Are The Benefits of Joining?"

3. Windsor & Essex County Local Business Owners, Organization Managers and Professionals

  • Be part of a private (non-Facebook) local business community where we can connect without distractions.
  • An easier solution for us to find what we need, share ideas and insights, give feedback, get inspired, and get help working through our unique business issues.
  • Help each other GROW their local business.
  • Access to unlimited business training courses (Pro Plan Members and above).
  • To see more, click here: Windsor Local Business Community (WLBC)

4. Anyone Who Would Like to Give Back to Our Windsor & Essex County Community

  • Local nonprofit organizations and charities can post 'Giving Back Requests', which would outline what the organization stands for and what their needs are.
  • Anyone can submit a 'Pay It Forward Request' to help local individuals.
  • This will provide a single online place for local residents to find opportunities to give back to our community.
  • It provides a much easier way to match those willing to volunteer, donate or sponsor, with the nonprofit organizations, charities and individuals looking for help.
  • To see more, click here: Giving Back - How It Works

BONUS: Anyone Interested in Finding Local Events in Windsor, Essex County and the Detroit, MI Area

  • We pride ourselves in having the Number #1 Events Calendar in our area.
  • To see the Calendar, click here: Events Calendar. Click on a day to see all events in that day. Click on a single event to bring up the details.
  • To see the Details, click here: Events Details. Search for an event then click on it to bring a single event's details.

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