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Frequently Asked Questions


Windsor Local Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to commit to a yearly subscription?

No, you are not required to sign up for yearly subscriptions. We offer monthly subscriptions for our customers. You can cancel at any time.

Who can become a Member of Windsor Local?

We are looking for local businesses, organizations and professionals. Your operation should be located in Windsor and/or Essex County, Ontario Canada. For sports and entertainment, we include the Detroit, Michigan USA area. For retail businesses, we are not looking for global or national chain stores.

Do you offer Free Listings?

For businesses, organizations and professionals, we offer 'Almost Free' listings for a one-time setup fee of $5. We had to charge due to the overwhelming number of spam listings when it was free. These will only show the company name, address, map and phone number. To make your profile stand out, you will need to purchase one of the Membership Plans. You will then be able to do much more, including links to your website and social media sites, logo, profile photo, cover photo, slogan/motto and description of your business. You will also be able to add events, articles, product/service listings, job listings, classified ads, photo albums, video and audio posts, and leverage our social media posts. To see Membership options, click Join Here.

How do I gain access to your Facebook Group?

Membership to our local Facebook Group (“Windsor Local”) is free to local residents of Windsor & Essex County. It is a private group for those wanting to keep up with what is happening at this Windsor Local website (WindsorLocal.com) or wanting to learn more before joining the Windsor Local Website Membership and as a Member, the Windsor Local Business Community, which is a private non-Facebook Group. We do ask that you agree to our Rules/Guidelines upon asking to join our Facebook Group. Search on Facebook for “Windsor Local" or Join Here.

What is the Windsor Local Business Community (WLBC)?

WLBC is an online private (non Social Media) place where local business owners, organization managers and professionals can CONNECT. It will make it easier for us to find what we need, share ideas and insights, give feedback, get inspired, and get help working through our unique business issues. One of the main purposes is to help each other GROW their local business. If you are a paying Member of Windsor Local, you have access to the private community at no charge. It is a different software platform so it requires a separate login from Windsor Local. Learn more here: Windsor Local Business Community.

Is the information asked/posted on Windsor Local kept secure? Is my email and data kept safe?

Yes! We take your privacy very seriously. Our website is secured with SSL 256-bit encryption and is scanned for malware daily. We never share your information, email, or personal information with anyone and it is kept strictly confidential.

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