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Windsor Local Team - Patrick Muldoon CPA Founder & President

Patrick Muldoon CPA

Founder & President

Patrick Muldoon has been a CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) for over 33 years and has over 40 years experience with business software. In addition to Windsor Local, he also owns a consulting company called 'Business Growth Success' (BusinessGrowthSuccess.com). BGS helps small to medium-sized businesses become more productive with the help of specific business software apps, grow their businesses with digital marketing services and become more knowledgeable with online training courses. BGS also offers specialized products for Accounting, Bookkeeping, Tax and Financial firms. 

Patrick has high level skills in accounting, finance, business software, productivity, automation, and business operations. He has also lived in Windsor & Essex County his entire life - more decades than he would like to admi! He is very passionate about Windsor & Essex County and local businesses, and has many contacts in the area.

Responsibilities: Patrick is completely all-in and hands on, being part of all aspects of the business. He is responsible for the direction of the company, team meetings, website updates, content publishing, customer service, software maintenance and updates, and human resources, as well as all accounting, bookkeeping, finance and banking.

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Windsor Local Team - Micaela Muldoon Vice President of Operations

Micaela Muldoon

Vice President of Operations

Micaela Muldoon has several years of customer service experience in different sectors. She also holds a double-major Bachelor of Arts degree in English & Creative Writing and Communication, Media & Film. Micaela also holds a Master of Arts degree in Creative Writing and a second Masters of Arts degree in Folklore. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Education at the University of Windsor. She has several years of experience writing and editing content across multiple genres and fields. 

Part of her recent work was with the Art Gallery of Windsor, as the Digital Initiatives & Programs Coordinator. In this role, she assisted with the gallery's digital innovations and was a key player in its transition to being a hybrid digital and in-person institution. 

Micaela is a lifelong resident of Windsor and Essex County and is passionate about drives throughout Essex County.

Responsibilities: Micaela handles customer service, research and development, data entry, event management, content editing and publishing, and outreach for growth.

Windsor Local Team - Emily Borland Vice President of Marketing & Public Relations

Emily Borland

VP of Marketing & Public Relations

Emily Borland went to school at St. Clair College for Public Relations and specializes in digital marketing, branding and public relations. In school her passion for marketing, digital branding and everything in between was sparked while she held the position of Public Relations Club President and had the opportunity to create marketing materials and pitch local press, fundraise for local nonprofits and work with local OPP to host events.

She is also a small business owner in Walkerville and works with many local businesses and local Business Improvement Associations to create a unified community, and increase more public and online awareness of local establishments. Emily practices supporting local in every aspect of her life and brings creativity, passion, and much enthusiasm to our team.

Emily has grown up in Windsor-Essex County from the day she was born. Residing in Windsor, Kingsville, Essex and Leamington has allowed her to experience, get to know, and network with so many members of the Windsor and Essex County community.

Responsibilities: Emily handles pitching local press, networking with business owners, online engagement, social media management, content creation, customer service, traditional print creation, marketing material creation, blog writing and graphic design.

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